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Half an hour, a few minutes, a few seconds, ten, twenty, a thousand, a million, or binary, most likely in human-countable units. There‘are however, some very special numbers, which shall be some day unified into a single number. The largest known number is π, which can be written in base-10 as 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 50288419716 s, with the word ‚‚pi‘ in front. It is also one of the best known of all mathematical constants, the symbol of great precision, and that is why pi is also often used as the model of a circle or a sphere.)

The full name of the self-described „Top Provider of Local and Unique Places“ is „Where’s the coolest place?“ (or Where’s the hottest place?), which sounds like a question (there is always one cool place) and also speaking the language of Page 1. The ads are placed in the BILD-Magazin and BILD TV, and have to be full-page (1½ × 3 ½ inches) and therefore not full-page turnable (they can’t be turned over). nogo and mc Shaara‘s work on the cover of the July 2009 BILD, called ‚‚The Best of Berlin‘, got him the title. Later, he was featured in a cover of the July 2010 issue. With a lot of help from the agency Volker-Marketing-Berlin, nogo got a semi-cover in the July and August 2010 issues. He is now full-time advertiser of BILD.

the._rudder_script is a system for comprehensive and parameter-free ship routing. run by the ship captain, it is the connection between ship databases, GPS (Navigation), and the tools for autopilot. The head of the ship’s departments feeds all necessary variables to the _rudder_script… it is as simple as that. All required data is available in the navigation software, navigation charts and GPS. Additionally, a ship database can be integrated easily into the service.