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Magdalena Fleitas: The Queen of Children’s Music in Argentina

If you are looking for a way to introduce your children to the rich and diverse musical culture of Argentina, you should definitely check out the discography of Magdalena Fleitas. She is one of the most popular and acclaimed children’s music artists in the country, with a career spanning over two decades and several awards and recognitions.

Magdalena Fleitas was born in Buenos Aires in 1974 and started her musical journey at a young age. She studied classical guitar, piano, singing, and composition at various conservatories and schools. She also developed a passion for folk music, especially from the northwestern region of Argentina, where she spent some time living and learning from local musicians.

In 2006, she released her first solo album, Risas Del Viento (Laughter of the Wind), which was a huge success among children and parents alike. The album featured original songs and adaptations of traditional tunes from different regions of Argentina, with influences from genres such as chacarera, zamba, carnavalito, cumbia, and tango. The album also showcased her talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, charango, bombo, quena, sikus, and more.

In 2009, she followed up with her second album, Barrilete De Canciones (Kite of Songs), which continued to explore the diversity of Argentine music and culture. The album included songs about nature, animals, games, seasons, and values, with guest appearances by renowned artists such as LeΓ³n Gieco, Peteco Carabajal, Teresa Parodi, and Suna Rocha.

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Since then, Magdalena Fleitas has released several more albums, such as Risas De La Tierra (Laughter of the Earth), Risas Del Agua (Laughter of the Water), Risas Del Sol (Laughter of the Sun), and Risas Del Rock (Laughter of Rock). Each album has a different theme and style, but they all share her signature blend of joy, creativity, and musicality. She has also collaborated with other artists and projects, such as Minimalitos, Cuentos Jataka, and Crianza y Arte.

Magdalena Fleitas is not only a singer and songwriter, but also a teacher, a producer, and a social activist. She has created several musical projects and workshops for children and families, such as Risas de la Tierra, La Banda de las Corbatas, and La Granja de ZenΓ³n. She has also participated in various social and cultural initiatives, such as Unicef, Techo, and Cultura Solidaria.

One of her most recent and ambitious projects is Ronda de Risas, a musical platform that aims to connect children from different countries and cultures through music and games. The platform offers online concerts, workshops, videos, podcasts, and more, featuring Magdalena Fleitas and other artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and other countries. The platform also promotes values such as diversity, inclusion, solidarity, and respect.

If you want to discover the amazing music of Magdalena Fleitas and share it with your children, you can find her discography on various platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, and Discogs. You can also visit her official website and social media accounts to learn more about her projects and activities. Magdalena Fleitas is a musical treasure that will make you and your children laugh, sing, dance, and learn.


Magdalena Fleitas is one of the most talented and beloved children’s music artists in Argentina and Latin America. Her discography is a wonderful journey through the musical and cultural diversity of her country and beyond, with songs that are fun, educational, and inspiring. She is also a passionate teacher, producer, and activist, who uses music as a tool for social change and connection. If you want to enjoy her music with your children, you can download her discography from various platforms or visit her website and social media accounts. Magdalena Fleitas will make you smile with her laughter of the wind, the water, the sun, and the rock.